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If you ever wondered about the reasons why one should train with these weird cannonballs called “Kettlebells”, watch the video above and your questions are answered. Please post the benefits you received through Kettlebell Training below or on our facebook or Google+.

[kleo_list type=”icons” icon_color=”yes” icon_large=”yes” inline=”yes” align=”left”][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]versatile – one tool to work every muscle in the body[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]portable – easy to carry and use anywhere[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]compound exercises – work more than one muscle group with most exercises[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]unilateral – prevent muscle imbalance by working your muscles evenly[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]cardiovascular endurance – gain strength while working your cardiovascular endurance all at once[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]functional – exercises that improve and help assist in everyday movement[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]core muscles – improved core strength due to the constant need to engage the muscles during multi-plane movements[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check-empty”]boring – not true, just checking if you’re still paying attention![/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]fatloss – improved fatloss due to the enormous versatility which provides an increased calorie burn[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]stabilising muscles – works important stabilising muscles normally neglected in training[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]challenging – challenges the muscles and the brain[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]fun – never boring due to the numerous exercises, complexes and workouts possible[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]ability – able to do more with newfound strength, power, flexibility, coordination and endurance[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]special – many try to teach Kettlebell training, only few find a good and qualified coach[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”award”]for everyone – senior or teenager; male or female; office worker or mma fighter[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]strong back – helps prevent back pain through improved engagement of posterior muscles not usually challenged[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]multi plane – swing, press, pull, lift and perform ballistic movements with just one tool[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”check”]flexibility – without long poses[/kleo_list_item][/kleo_list]

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Are you training with Kettlebells? Let the world know how Kettlebells have helped you, did it increase your overall fitness, release stress, make you feel better, relieve pain etc.?

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Over 50 and still training?

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See the video above from Pete? I love hearing from people like that, people like that inspire me, I love making videos to showcase to the world what Kettlebells and training can do for others who lead a sedentary life.