Submit YOUR Kettlebell Photos

Although this is a GREAT photo

it's a model and we want to see a real person there

We want to see you there. Submit your real photos and we’ll cut them out and put them together with your favourite Kettlebell Quote. Requirements:

  • size of photo at least 800 x 800 pixels, but the bigger the better
  • you have the be the owner of the photo
  • release rights to the photo, i.e. we can use it online
Kettlebell: Strong is the new beautiful

Submit your photos to World Kettlebell Community. Below are some examples of photos from real people in Kettlebell action.

K eep calm and press kettlebells
Do not use machines, become one
Kettlebell Quote
Keep calm and grab life by the Kettle balls
Keep calm and train hard core
Screw calm and lift heavy kettlebells




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