Achieve Pain-Free Kettlebell Training and Build a Strong Foundation to Become a Professional Kettlebell Trainer or Enthusiast

This book is for beginners, trainers or those always wanting to learn more.


Rather than write my own description for this book, I’m displaying that of others who read the book and taken the time to leave a review:

“Nowadays, kettlebells are becoming recognized as a versatile method of achieving one’s goals in physical fitness. However, there is insufficient literature on the techniques and intricacies of this very effective piece of fitness equipment. That’s where Taco Fleur’s new book, entitled ‘Kettlebell Training Fundamentals’, comes in. Taco is a man who is interested not just in being fit and healthy, but in digging deep and assimilating the underlying principles that are involved. As someone who has more than 12 years of experience with his own kettlebell training, and having also spent a long time training others, he is ideally suited to demystify the most important aspects of kettlebell training for the beginner. ‘Beginner’ here means beginner to kettlebells, and not necessarily to the fitness world, since there is scope even those who have spent many years training in other methodologies to go wrong when starting with kettlebells. The reason is that the philosophy of kettlebell training is different from that of other modalities. Besides, it has its own idiosyncracies, and terms employed in the context of kettlebells, even when named the same as with other methods, are often very different when it comes to execution.
In this book it is very evident that Taco has made painstaking efforts to think from the perspective of the newcomer, and taken nothing for granted. Pretty much every question you might have, if you are new to kettlebells, is answered here. Not only answered, but the reasoning behind it is explained in detail, with explanations that go into biomechanics and human physiology, with appropriate diagrams where relevant, so that technical terms (such as those relating to muscular anatomy, or to the physics of the trajectory of the kettlebell while performing exercises) are easily understood. You will learn not only the what, but also the why, and the how, and the when. Taco gently guides you along the way, starting from why you would even want to train with kettlebells, to selecting your first kettlebell, to the selection of exercises, to the warmup sequence, to the performance of exercises, to the progressions. Another thing I liked very much was the detailed section on the various grips of the kettlebell. This section is amazingly detailed, and to my knowledge this is the first work with such an analysis of this aspect of the kettlebell. There are tons of photos and step-by-step explanations, and links to videos where such would be more effective than written explanations. If you get injured, Taco provides a very helpful guide to understand from the specific pain you experience (such as in the shoulder, or in the forearm), what could be wrong with your technique of lifting.
Finally, Taco is evidently passionate about kettlebells, but not infatuated with them without reason. He is honest and tells us why he likes them, and at the same time he also keeps up practice with other disciplines, such as martial arts, CrossFit, etc. Thus he has a holistic view of fitness, and is not just an expert on this particular tool. You will learn a lot from his book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”
Vishwas Jamadagni (Silver Medallist at EKFA National Kettlebell snatch event)


You can pay a kettlebell trainer thousands of dollars and more than likely still will not learn all the finer details and little secrets that are explained in this book.

In this book it’s explained how to reduce or completely avoid any aches and pains during your kettlebell training with exercises like for example; swings, cleans, lifts and presses. Learn how to avoid pain in the knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, lower-back, forearm etc.

An extremely good read. Recommended. A great addition to any kettlebell users library.  Taco has done a great job with this easy to understand book covering many points on using a kettlebell with links to instructional videos too, very handy.  There are very detailed descriptions on hand grips and racking a kettlebell as most books just cover exercises without covering the positions you and the bell need to be in. I personally have gained more knowledge that will assist me with my journey using kettlebells as an enthusiast and an instructor.”
Bryan Trish – Kettlebell instructor and PT


This book is for people who experience pain or discomfort, it’s to help reduce or eliminate callus, forearm pain and bruises, shoulder pain, elbow pain and much more when using kettlebells incorrectly.

The most common exercises are covered, the ones you’re most likely having trouble with right now, but everything you need to know about those exercises is described in intricate detail. You will not only find information on how to prevent pain, the ‘why’ you need to do something a certain way will also be explained, because no one truly understands something fully until they understand the ‘why’.

You find other details that you won’t find elsewhere, like for example, information about the types of kettlebell grips available, would you believe it, there are more than 25! It’s not just a list of grips, it’s also explained how to execute them and what they’re most commonly used for, after all, search the internet and you will find many different grips mentioned and a lot of other misinformation, but I guarantee you that you won’t find the explanations you will find in this book.

“A great book for anyone wanting to integrate kettlebells into their workouts. Taco covers a lot of information which will help you maximise your training. Links to videos are an added bonus and assist with the technical aspects of kettlebell training.”
Mark Godwin (Director, Fit Biz UK)

Table of Contents

  • Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
    • What Is Kettlebell Training?
      • Kettlebell Training Benefits
      • Are Kettlebells Effective?
      • Training Basics
      • Why Train?
      • Working Out Versus Training
    • Kettlebell Safety
      • Regress When Required
      • What is Shoulder Packing?
      • Are Kettlebells Safe?
      • You’re Going to Get Hurt
      • Progression is Key
      • Are Kettlebells Bad for Your Shoulders?
      • Are Kettlebells Bad for Your Back?
      • Anatomy of the Kettlebell
    • Warming up for Kettlebell Training
      • Focus
      • Mimic the Workout
      • Why Increase the Temperature?
      • Why Increase Blood Flow?
      • Duration
      • Increase of Intensity and Complexity
    • Which Kettlebell to Choose and Why?
      • What Weight to Choose?
    • Kettlebell Grips
      • General Grip Information
      • Why should you learn about grips?
      • Why use different grips?
      • Hand Position on the Handle
      • 45 Degree Angle
      • Grip Categories
      • Double Hand Grip
      • Swan Grip
      • OK Grip (AKA 2 or 3 Finger Grip)
      • Double Hand Corkscrew Grip
      • Closed Double Hand Grip
      • Hook Grip (AKA Overhand Grip)
      • Closed Hook Grip (AKA C Grip)
      • Why Use Hook Grip?
      • …. many more
      • Thumb up or Thumb Down? Performance Gain?
    • Basic Double Arm Swing Instructions
      • Squat and Hip Hinge Definition
      • Swing Squat vs Hip Hinge Style
      • American vs Russian Swing
      • The Problem with the American Swing
    • Kettlebell Racking and Cleaning
      • Why Rack Properly?
      • Common Grips in Racking
      • Kettlebell Clean
      • Assisted Clean
      • Common Clean Mistake
      • Ambiguity Of Cleans
      • Weakest Point
      • Clean Variations
      • Swing Clean
      • Dead Clean
      • One Bell Racking Position
      • Bodyweight Racking Practise
      • Spine Position for Racking
      • Racking Points and Cues
      • Kettlebell Resting Position
      • The Racking Concept
      • Racking Types and Racking for Females
    • Kettlebell Pain
      • Muscle Aches
      • Calluses
      • Forearm Pain and Bruises
      • Shoulder Pain
      • Wrist Pain
      • Knee Pain
      • Elbow Pain
      • Neck Pain
      • Lower-Back Pain
    • Kettlebell Golden Rules
    • Progression for Beginners
    • Overhead Press
    • Kettlebell Rows
      • Kettlebell Row Variations
      • Muscles worked with rows
    • Stretching
      • Butterfly Stretch
      • Lizard Pose
      • Tipover Tuck Hamstring Stretch
      • Easy Quad Stretch / Lying Side Quad Stretch
      • Kneeling Forearm / Bicep Stretch
      • Single Arm Chest Stretch
      • Posterior Shoulder Stretch
      • Overhead Tricep Stretch
      • Overhead Lat Stretch
      • Seated Leg Hug


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