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    Hi everybody, has anyone got any tips or experience s concerning Kettlebell overhead work and lower back pain? Anterior pelvic tilt? Regards,

    • What kind of overhead work are we talking about?
      Are you experiencing this or a client? Got any photos?
      Squeezing your glutes and bracing your core did not help?

      • Hi o don’t always have it. Just from tme toch time and yes squeezing my glutes and core helpdesk. But ibfind that o may have anterior pelvic tilt so i was wondering what’s exercises van help me. When it Coles tot overhead work i Mean KB preses and snatch… Thx for your answer. Regards,

        • Hello Nikola, you need to find out whether you have tight hip flexors or weak glutes. Hip bridges are great exercises, bodyweight hip hinges, good mornings, and you need to do stretches if it’s tight hip flexors. Also make sure you’re not just pressing too heavy. Everything needs to be firm when you’re overhead.


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