• Jeff Bott posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Kicking a kettlebell from the ground, into the swing takes quite a bit of effort in the stability department. I do NOT recommend this to anyone new to kettlebell lifting, or with any mobility or strength restrictions. Try this at your own risk!

    *Practice evenly on both sides, and stop when you feel that your hips, legs, or ankles are fatigued to avoid injury, and slowly progress your strength-endurance in that area.

    When first trying to swing the bell by your foot, you may feel like you’re either doing some progression of a leg extension, or being pulled off balance. It’s important to find your balance in this movement, as the force you will need to stabilize will increase considerably when you aim to toss the bell.

    Once you find your positioning and rhythm with the bell on your foot, it’s time to play with the toss. The most difficult portion of the toss is finding how to place the bell within comfortable reach of your hands. That’s why we want to work on the “cradle-catch” before trying to catch the bell in a swing. Proper rotation of the bell while it’s within reach, vs. being 3 feet in front of you are two very different movements. Get the bell to move in the right direction first!

    The final step is the catch. The trick to this is your foot position. If you lack strength in your ankles, you’ll find out quickly when you try to keep a stable ankle and give the bell a good amount of rotation. Avoid compensating with your hips, or throwing your torso into the movement as this will only increase the problem, or begin a new one entirely.

    Be patient, be gentle, and have fun with this one! It can get frustrating, tiring, and even mundane. Use it for fun, always practice with your weak side, and remember that dropping the bell is part of the process. Enjoy!


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