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    This one is for Diarmuid Farmer who joined the #28kettlebellswingchallenge. He submitted a video of several of his sets. Some of the items he raised is the width of the handle, forearm fatigue:
    – for the handle size download my PDF Grip Document and look at how I hold the pinkies over the handle, search Google for “Cavemantraining racking PDF”, it’s free
    – for the forearms, try and release the grip as the bell float up, i.e. if you direct the bell upwards it should become lighter at the top, this is where your grip is the lightest, it should be a light grip anyway, but this is where it’s the lightest throughout, then the grip goes firmer till the end of the back swing
    – on your backswing the kettlebell bobs at the end, if you’re having friction issues in your palms let me know and we chat
    – as for your squats, not bad at all, the only thing I would say is keep pushing that belly button out, keep the shoulders high and get those hips low. I think also focus on that point where your lumbar starts to round, stop before that happens, keep a neutral spine all the way down, don’t go further if you’re not there yet

    – on a heavier weight I would expect a bit of leaning back/hip extension, but with the sixteen I would say you can remain upright, I think part of that is because you’re directing the weight more forward, away from you, rather than forward and up, so you have to compensate for that with slight back extension

    Grip is the main one to focus on, you’re not going to last or get injuries if you continue with tight forearms. You mentioned you don’t have a tight grip, in which case it must the force of the bell pulling, again this might have to do with the bell pulling away from you and the bobbing at the end of the back swing.

    Hope that helps. Courtesy of https://kettlebelltraining.education


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