One of the things that first attracted me to kettlebell training was the ability to work multiple movement patterns in a row, while maintaining a technical aspect to each movement. Technical movements keep us focused, and help us find a “flow” in our workouts. Similar to the flow that you may feel on a long run or hike… It’s a form of meditative exercise.

As with any other form of exercise, the goal is continuous progression. The difference is that kettlebells allow a wider array of progressions with, or without the addition of more weight. The same principals can be applied to other tools, but it’s hard to say they will allow for as much versatility.¬†Being a kettlebell sport lifter, I spend a lot of time practicing traditional lifts like the jerk and snatch. To only practice these lifts would be foolish. Our bodies perform at their best when they can move well in all directions, and we also have that option with the kettlebell.

Progressing from there, we can incorporate coordination and focus by making the movements more complex. We can flow from the swing, into a flip, into an open palm clean, and then add in a backward step to integrate the whole body when decelerating, and accelerating the bell from the clean:

This is a great way to keep your mind focused, and body moving at the same time. If you train in any sport that requires a high level of focus for medium to long term bouts, kettelbell juggling and complexes are a perfect addition to your training arsenal!




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