Kettlebell MMA Workout for: Cardio, Explosive Power and Core Strength

Kettlebell Training for MMA and MMA Fitness. Train for solid rotational strength and explosive power. Employ exercises that challenge different rotational planes and challenge the body from all angles.

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  • 5 Diagonal frontal snatches (right)
  • 5 Double arm swings
  • 5 Diagonal frontal snatches (left)
  • 5 Double arm swings
  • 5 Frontal snatches (right)
  • 5 Frontal snatches (left)
  • 5 Diagonal swing catch + pivot (right)
  • 5 Diagonal swing catch + pivot (left)
  • 100 Jump rope

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat 6 times

It’s possible to transition from one exercise into the next without putting the Kettlebell down depending on your kettlebell skills. 250 shares and I’ll create a video of the workout and go into details on the exercises and transitions.

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Exercises demonstrated and program created by Taco Fleur