This Kettlebell Complex is performed with double Kettlebell. The weight should be just heavy enough to be able to perform all exercises correctly without putting them down, start with a light weight and work your way up to figure out what weight is appropriate for you. Go for 20 or 30 minutes, or aim to complete a set number of repetitions. Incorporate appropriate rest after each set as required, break it up with Squat Thrusters till failure, Surrender till failure etc.


The first exercise is a Dead Swing Clean

you can transition straight into the Squat Thruster

rack the Kettlebells and perform a Shoulder Press (no legs involved)

leave the Kettlebells up and perform one Surrender

rack the Kettlebells, lower the right Kettlebell and press the left to perform a Single Overhead Rotated Squat, then rack the left Kettlebell, hang clean the right Kettlebell and lower the left Kettlebell and press the right one to perform the next repetition, use this same transition with the next exercise.

adjust your feet for the Windmill L/R 

perform 4 Tricep Push-ups

perform 4 Renegade Rows L/R (4 on each side)

Note that the Kettlebells are now exactly where they started out and you could perform the next set of this complex straight away.


Do your research on each exercise first, this complex is only to explain the transitions and to list the exercise in order to be performed. Each exercise has a lot of fine little details you should know and be familiar with before you attempt this complex.

Feel free to ask questions and post feedback below or discuss this Complex in our forum. If 20 people comment below asking for a video on this complex I will consider it.

~ Taco Fleur