Valerie Pawlowski Girevoy Sport World Champion

I had the honour of interviewing Valerie Pawlowski kettlebell sport world champion, her answers are below, make sure you also check out the Q&A which you can join in on at Cavemantraining. Read the full interview at


Have you ever had any serious injuries, if so, what, how did they occur and how did you overcome them?

I have not had any serious injuries since training with Kettlebells.  My only recent interruption was a bout of terrible pneumonia which not considered an injury but more an aggravating interruption this year.  However, through the proper nutrition which I follow and recovery methods, thank goodness I’ve come back stronger.


What is your current weight for kettlebell snatching? Am I correct in assuming that the kettlebell snatch is your favourite?

Current Kettlebell weight I snatch is 24 kg. I most definitely love to Snatch now, having lived two years through the hell of working on Long Cycle with 24kg.


How many days a week do you train?

3 days per week always, never miss a training day and not more than required except some occasional recreation participation.


Read the full interview and join in on the Q&A at




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