Anatomy of the kettlebell

Kettleball, Kettlebells, Kettle bells, Kettle training or kettle ball, if you’re new to Kettlebell Training, I don’t blame you if you’re a little confused.


The equipment itself is a “Kettlebell” or “Kettlebells” for multiple, “Kettlebell Training” is the activity of working out with a Kettlebell, “Kettlebell Sport” is the official sport performed with Kettlebells and “Kettlebell Juggling” is the practitise of releases and catching the Kettlebell.

The Kettlebell styles are Hardstyle, Soft style (fluid style) and your style!

The Kettlebell’s anatomy is as following:

  • handle
  • horns (two)
  • bell
  • base

Anatomy of the kettlebell



I have also put a video together to learn about the history of Kettlebells, you can find it here.