Kettlebell Alliance Vietnam – Kettlebell Challenge


  • 1 arm
  • 1 minute per exercise
  • Switch to other arm
  • Do not put the Kettlebell down during the challenge
  • Rest as much as required, but rest in racking or overhead position
  • It is not permitted to touch the Kettlebell with the non-working hand
  • Correct alignment required
  • Fixate after each repetition, continue after count has been given
  • Full 12 minutes need to be completed for the results to count



  1. Strict Press
  2. Twist Press
  3. Push Press
  4. Jerk
  5. Squat Thruster
  6. Surrender Press

*Surrender Press can be initiated by the participant through a Strict, Twist or Push Press

*Count for the Surrender Press is given after getting up and fixating

*A press needs to be performed each time before initiating the next Surrender



The judge handles the timer and counter, upon start the judge is to call the exercise name and cal out START, during the challenge the judge calls out the count or no-count, when the timer goes off the judge calls out SWITCH and the next exercise name, the participant is given adequate time to perform the switch and the judge calls out GO, this pattern is repeated until all exercises are performed and the judge calls TIME. During this the judge will record the number of repetitions on paper after each exercise.


Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

KAV Kettlebell Challenge