“I dare you to lug a kettlebell up to a beautiful place where no kettlebell has gone before.”

Free those Kettlebells, take ‘m out of the gym and into the open, film it, and submit it, take on the challenge! Submit your video on http://www.facebook.com/caveman.kettlebells or http://www.cavemantraining.com

Watch the video below


I do not suggest you attempt anything dangerous, If I die on a mountain with a Kettlebell, I die a happy man. But I would never want to be responsible for someone else’s injury. So once again, it’s your life, do as you please, but don’t think I’m suggesting that you have to do something dangerous.

*** This challenge never stops, keep submitting.


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Tag someone below who’s balls you want to see out and about.

PS. just incase, the “balls” refer to Kettlebells, if you’re a real kettlebell enthusiast you’ll know why 🙂 And of course there is also the hint of being brave enough to lug those bells up somewhere.