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    We have over 150 registered users in 3 months, thats great, but no one has any activity, no one posts a question in the forum or helps answers questions, no one has submitted a video or article.

    The idea of a community is that there is interaction.

    Please let me know why you have signed up?
    What were your expectations?
    Do you have any ideas to improve the Kettlebell Community?
    Why have you not posted any questions in the forum?

    You can reply to my email, contact me on Facebook or reply in this forum

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Taco Fleur
    Owner of World Kettlebell Community

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    thats too bad that no one is on here.
    I’m here to see whats up.
    I’ve been on Kettle Bells for about 4yrs and I’m pretty happpy with the workouts.
    Think i just like to see how different workouts with KBs can have different effects as in fatburn to growth.

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    Hi John, I’ve updated the website, please check it out, there is more activity now. If everyone could start by updating their avatar/profile icon and then post something about themselves or a question.

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