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    This video explains the finer little details involved in the Kettlebell Swing and covers the most common mistakes, the most common mistake is that people think the swing is a squat and frontal raise – great workout the squat and frontal raise but you won’t be able to do many reps and you will most likely get back problems.

    The Kettlebell Swing is the foundation for many other Kettlebell exercises and therefore it is important you become proficient in this exercise and understand each fine little detail of the exercise.

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    This is so clear and helpful. I used it to teach my husband how to do a good swing. He was using a light weight and swinging bell too high so your advice on heavier bell was great, but he’s still struggling to be comfortable. I don’t know why. I will try to film him and see if you can advise what he’s doing wrong as it look ok to me. Thanks for the video – more please!

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    Hi Kate, yes please put a video up on Youtube or even on our fb community page here also please follow my channel here to stay up to date with latest videos. thanks

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    Thank You for a comprehensive video!You metioned that as soon as the video hit 1,000 likes You would post another one about the Swing variations.

    I have a question regarding the American Swing technique. What is the correct positioning of the kettlebell at the top of the movement – shall it be bottom-up and in line with the upright body or shall it be kept at some angle to the vertical axis though?

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    apologies for late reply, this system does not notify me about replies for some reason.

    As for the American swing and where it should end up, I have to first admit that I hardly ever use the American swing as I have other exercises to safely achieve what the American Swing does, but I would say you would go as far as you comfortably and safely can go, but never further than completely vertical.

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