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    I just posted a Kettlebell Challenge, would love to hear what you think about it, and what your results are.

    Feel free to ask questions here on the forum or on Facebook if it makes it easier.

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    I am working alone, so if I work for time I either need to set a timer on the phone of find a reliable clock, neither of which really appeal to me.

    At this point, the biggest challenge it to drag the damn bell out from under my desk to go out and work with it. I just have the one kettlebell right now, a 16kg I picked up at the local mall. It is marked York, but if it is related to the barbell manufacturer, i think it is a cheap knock off- the casting is not all that great. I was able to get a discount on it because there is a rusty pit on one side (I think it was filled with Bondo body paste).

    I have been looking at Dan John’s 10,000 Swing Challenge. The ‘official’ protocol for that challenge is for a 24kg bell, but i think I can still run through it with the 1 pood bell i have. Pavel’s advise seems to be to wait to move up on bell sizes until you are bored with the bell you have. I think i am getting strong enough that there are some moves i could do with a 24kg bell, but i am far from bored with the 16kg.
    If i do go thru the 10,000 swing challenge, it will be with the goal of rewarding myself with a bigger kettlebell upon completion of the challenge.

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