How to chose correct weight?

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    Thanks for your great videos showing techniques for some kettle bell exercises. I am a slight female (4’10” 47kg) age 58. I have found that 8kg bell is good for me to swing (double hand) but only 6kg for single arm. Even so I am still getting a sore elbow from time to time. I copied your windmill move today and managed with 6kg on the right but my left arm is weaker. I recommended my husband use a heavier bell to swing as the 8kg was going way too high, but he felt his technique was compromised with a 12kg (the next weight up at our gym) Can you make any further recommendations about weight of bells to use. I presume it is a good idea to use different weights for different exercises. I am trying the turkish get up with a 6kg. I hope you do some more videos of more exercises. I love kettle bells and your videos are so clear and helpful. Thanks any advice or comment would be good to hear .

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    Would you be able to pinpoint the pain with an image or better description? Do you have any ideas yourself on what could potentially be causing it?

    Jarring could produce elbow pain, but that’s usually with the clean. Here is a part from my Pain Free Kettlebell Manual…
    To reduce elbow pain with the Swinging Clean you need to remember to guide the Kettlebell down and prevent any jarring, and keep the elbow locked or straight as quick as possible on the down phase.

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    How about going the other way? After my local gym got rid of their olympic weights, i found a 16kg (1 pood) bell at the nearby department store. I have been using it since May, and while i am nowhere near being bored with it, i can see that there are places in my routine where an extra half pood might not only add more challenge/resistance but actually help me to improve form on a few presses and what not.

    The department store has one 24kg bell sitting in their stack of “girl weights”. The biggest reason it is not mine is that my spousal unit gives a “Tch Tch” every time she sees the Php 2200 price tag.

    How will i know that i have “outgrown” my 1 pood bell? (In Pavel’s “Enter the Kettlebell” he said a 1 pood bell was a good starting place for a man in decent shape, but now the “experts” on the net are saying 24kg is the right starting place…)

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