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    Hello fellow kettlebell people,

    New member here from Germany. I’m 47 years young and been training with KBs for nearly 2 years. Training for general health, fitness maintenance and rehab on my battered body. Ex-military with a history of playing and competing in all kinds of sports including soccer, rugby, boxing, rowing, running, swimming, cycling (as well as the latter 3 combined as triathlon) and all the gruelling stuff associated with the military…
    Too many injuries to mention, but slowly regaining mobility and health as well as strength and weight loss. Happy to be here and look forward to being active on forums. I am also hoping to help with some info on the history of kettlebells.

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    Hello Hawklord, welcome to the community.

    Looking forward to some help with the history of Kettlebells.

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    Thanks Taco. I am no expert on the history of kettlebells but I find it an interesting subject and would like to learn more and what better way to share anything I may find than to contribute here 😉 I am not half bad at researching and trawling through the web for info. I like your video and stuff so far, let’s add to it as much as possible!

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