Does your kettlebell talk to you?


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    Maybe is says something about the state of my life that I am carrying on conversations with a rusty chunk of iron, but I have a feeling that other giryviks have heard voices during a workout.

    I think the best time to listen to the kettlebell is that point in the swing where gravity seems to be neutralized, “the time when God holds the kettlebell”. This is a very interesting point in the swing which i discovered while I was still going to the local gym and swing the red plastic KB as a warm-up (I am guessing the plastic KB at the gym we 20 lb, enough to warm up the shoulders but not enough to really learn anything from, at least it kept me away from the little pink bell at the gyno end of the gym.)

    That moment “When God holds the kettlebell” is very interesting. The power of the swing is exhausted, and the bell is about to give back. My brain fires to remind me to set up for the next breathing cycle (DO NOT hold your breath at the bottom of the swing!) and how much power to dial into the next one, lots if i am doing a snatch, not quite so much to rack, and “enough” for a regular swing.

    I think there are some hidden truths there in the moment “when God holds the kettlebell” if I learn how to listen for them.

    So does my kettlebell talk to me? I think so, but mostly it sits there and mocks me if i skip a workout…

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    Love it. Breathing, one area I have neglected to delve into further.

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