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      Please introduce yourself once you join the Kettlebell Community. If nothing but a "Hi, I'm from ...", but if you feel like posting more information about your Kettlebell journey, where it took you, where it might be taking you, anything you want to improve, anything else Kettlebell that you're looking for from the Kettlebell Community, post it here after you've become a new member. Looking forward interacting with you! ~ Taco Fleur
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    • Kettlebell Exercise Review →
      Post your Kettlebell videos or photos here and ask questions about your technique, something you're just not getting. Be open to feedback and keep it nice if you reply, reply tactfully with appropriate details rather than "That sucks", "That is wrong", great if you can see what is wrong, but if you can't explain how to improve or why it's wrong then just don't say anything at all. Please thank the people that spend their time for free reviewing your technique/video, they get nothing for it other than your thanks.
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    • Kettlebell Trainers →
      Group for Qualified Kettlebell Trainers. Please introduce yourself and include experience and qualifications.
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    • Kettlebell Training Accountability →
      Are you training with Kettlebells at home? Don't have anyone to keep an eye on you, it's pretty easy to wake up and give it a skip today yes? What you need is accountability, post your schedule here in the Kettlebell Training Accountability Forum and keep updating your Topic with regular updates when you trained, include links to your Youtube videos or photos, upload it on Facebook in our group here and then include the link here, or post them anywhere you want as long as you keep your entry up-to-date here.
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