Is anyone accepted in the community?

We’d like to say yes, but the answer is no, we will manually approve each and every application. Unfortunately this to prevent spam, we like to keep the community as pleasant as possible with minimal to no advertising. If you’re approved to join we would appreciate it if you can help out and point out any spam or annoyances you come across.

What can I do in the community?

You can do anything that will improve your kettlebell knowledge, that of others, help increase the spread of kettlebells across the world, share funny things (but related to kettlebells), create kettlebell events, find people to join your events, uploa kettlebell images, share kettlebell information, write articles and so on. The key being “on topic”, let’s keep this a kettlebell community rather than a bit of this and a bit of that.

Do you need more moderators?

Absolutely! Keeping the community clean is a task that should be shared, if you feel that you have the passion and professionalism to help out, please make contact.

What if I want to sell my kettlebell related products or services?

We have a shop in which we sell kettlebell products and services, we’re quite happy to sell your kettlebell ebooks, kettlebell online training, and or other items. Simply contact us to have us review your item and discuss putting it online. Some approved items will also be available on our other websites and even Facebook shops.

What if we're in competition with you?

The world is big, there is no competition for us, our passion is kettlebells, delivering that to the world is our main priority. “But I provide online ecourses, kettlebells, kettlebell ebooks…”, great, let us help you sell more of those.

I've seen it all before!

What is going to make this a good community? It’s you, nothing else, how much time are you going to spend making your profile look good, how much time are you going to put into sharing, interacting, participating? If you stay quiet then the whole community stays quiet. Share, invite and check in regularly.

There are improvements I see can be made

Great! Share them with the community in a group so we all can see it, discuss it and act upon it.

Do you need more help?

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