Definition of a Clean

You’ll probably been doing cleans for years now, but do you know the definition of a Weight Lifting Clean?

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Definition of a Weight Lifting Clean

Search the internet for “definition of weight lifting clean” and it really has not been properly defined what a ‘Clean’ is, has your trainer explained the definition of a clean? Probably not, and when searching the Internet you’ll see specific explanations of ‘a clean’ and lots of information about ‘Clean & Jerk’, but what is a Clean?

Following is a definition I put together and which I trust will clearly and generally describes any type of weight lifting clean for you, which will in-turn will assist you in learning the movement correctly. Before you can learn it and master it, you must first understand it.

A weight lifting Clean is a lower-body powered explosive movement that brings a weight from a lower position to a higher position which is called racking position. The racking position can be chest or shoulder height depending on what equipment is used.

In Kettlebell Training there are many different types of Cleans, here are some of the most common Kettlebell Cleans:

  • Assisted Clean (AKA Cheat Clean)
  • Dead Clean
  • Dead Swing Clean
  • Swinging Clean
  • Hang Clean


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