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Hello Kettlebell Enthusiast, welcome to YOUR Kettlebell Community, this place has been created for people like you and me. It’s a community created to help people gain more knowledge, to share Kettlebell knowledge, to post workouts, videos and to create a true Open Source World Kettlebell Community. But most importantly, this place is created in the hope that everyone will share THEIR knowledge and help the Kettlebell community grow worldwide.

The aim of the community is to:

  • clear up confusion and misconceptions about Kettlebells
  • demonstrate the benefits of Kettlebells
  • take away the scariness that is still attached to Kettlebells
  • help people understand Kettlebells
  • provide constructive feedback to those that need it


The community is NOT to:

  • talk bad about others
  • put people down about their bad technique
  • be negative and create a shit storm
  • be higher and mightier than others

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We want to see people do things like:

Kettlebell: Strong is the new beautiful

Although this is a GREAT photo

it's a model and we want to see a real person there

We want to see you there. Submit your real photos and we’ll cut them out and put them together with your favourite Kettlebell Quote. Requirements:

  • size of photo at least 800 x 800 pixels, but the bigger the better
  • release rights to the photo, i.e. we can use it online
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